We’re having a lil watermelon party because they’ve reached their peak ripeness
These extensions are still up for sale! Lowered the price to $70 because I just want to get rid of them! They are 613 toned white underneath the semi-permanent mint color! Can be colored any color you wish. 100% human remy hair. Around 200 grams, I can’t remember the exact amount. Double wefted clip ins. 20” with layered 15” hair to make them look more natural. Will also throw in around 30/40 grams of extra silver toned hair. Remy, human hair & can be colored as well. My hair is chin length, and these are what they look like when I have them in. 👍 (13.50 for shipping)




I remember when this chart had my goals on it. Now we’ve passed almost all of them.

90-95% chance that my baby would survive if he were born this week.

This makes me a little less anxious

Oh yay!

I had a less than 17% chance of survival. I’m an 80’s baby too.

Just made some chocolate covered popcorn mmm mmm mmmmm


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