So we totally just won the babies r us raffle! SO EXCITED!


Labradorite from Madagascar. Gives me funky dreams when I have it under my pillow at night.



Don’t want nudes leaked? Don’t take nudes. Don’t want to be robbed? Stop owning things. Wanna avoid being killed? Buddy, quit living already!

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by Nick Saltmarsh on Flickr.

Im having a bad day.
Im scared that no one is going to come to the shower.
Im nervous about not having enough money when my final court date comes.
Im nervous that I haven’t had a pap smear in over 7 months now when in January I just had surgery on my cervix to remove the little bit of cancer I had.
Super stressed today.
And i’ve been having stomach aches & throwing up since yesterday. Ugh. Fuck this.

I can’t believe I am quickly approaching 30 weeks.


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